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Property Management Company In Dubai

Our management philosophy is based on integrity, professionalism, accountability, and quality of service that ensures maximum return on investment. When you find the perfect tenant for your property and guide them through the term of their tenancy, the investment you make will be secured and kept in the reasonable condition through us.

Relax with our property management services in Dubai

The Smart Concierge is responsible for looking after your investment property. We help you with everything from finding your ideal home to ensuring it is in good shape. Our property management services in Dubai ensure that the tenant is responsible for any damages that may occur while using it.
With our skilled team and dependable clientele, homeowners can relax and enjoy their life without the burden of being a landlord. Your property is in excellent hands thanks to our 24-hour property management services. Our services offer landlords peace of mind, flexible management costs, and log-terms savings.

The Smart Concierge takes care of the burden regarding the property you have invested in. From helping you find your dream property to ensure it is in good condition to making sure that your tenant is accountable for any damages that may happen during their tenure, The Smart Concierge has your back. With our team of experts and our reliable clients, they can rest at ease and enjoy their lives fully without the stress that comes with the job of a landlord.

We’re here to help you get security. Your property and tenants are in excellent hands thanks to our 24-hour service.

Our Property is Secure in the Hands of our trusted staff.

  • Peace of Mind
  • Simple, fixed, no-fuss annual cost.
  • Experts and experienced professionals
  • Earn Maximum Returns
  • Manage Real Estate Assets in Dubai for both international and local clients
  • Make sure you have long-term savings
  • Always available for landlords and tenants
  • Keep good relationships between the tenants and landlords.

Residential & Commercial Property Management

The annual property management fee is not calculated by square feet but rather by the fixed, no-fuss cost that includes a complete management package and the application for tenancy. Enjoy a stress-free year while profiting from the property investment.

Snagging Services

Is your home nearing the time of handover? The next step is to utilize our expert snagging service to ensure that your home is in excellent and perfect condition for just AED 1.50 per square foot.

Facilities Management

With our custom-designed packages, we’re in a position to offer every property under our care with annual maintenance Contracts and Preventative Maintenance Contracts and complete building maintenance programs, including security and fire, pest controls, security guards, and even cleaning services.

Building Management

If you own the property of a property, building management services can relieve you of the pressures associated with the care of your investment.