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THE SMART CONCIERGE, we believe that every property investor deserves a high value investment property with minimal cost and a guaranteed continuous rental. In a competitive property rental market, it has become increasingly challenging to secure and retain tenants and rental return. Value creation makes us happy.
THE SMART CONCIERGE goal is to remove financial, technical and operational barriers for property investors to maximize investment return with a designer property. Our aim is to help property owner turn their property investments into a profitable source of income by using our short-term rental management services.

Why invest in Dubai’s short-term rental market

A short-term rental is usually a holiday home that you rent out at a daily or weekly rate. Dubai Holiday homes for rent are the top choice and a nicer alternative to hotels. These Dubai Vacation Rental homes offer more space, privacy, and other desirable amenities to travelers.


Business owners also require a better place on their business trips and tours. A short-term rental is no doubt a superior choice as a holiday home in a business bay or meeting that they want at a daily or weekly rate. Investing in superb areas provides your short-term rental business a boost. To enjoy these exciting benefits of short-term rentals, consult with us and we will provide the best guide with a fine short-term rental business opportunity.

Investing in a Short-term Home Rental in Dubai? A superb choice with the finest The Smart Concierge

Investing in a business requires effort and a lot of research. If you wanna invest in short-stay apartments in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about it. We are here to guide you on the essentials that benefit you in the long term.

See some fascinating benefits of investing in top priority areas in Dubai.

Tourism is an incredibly profitable sector for the Dubai Marina. After all, Dubai is a global metropolis where east meets west, drawing just about everyone to the city!


Visitors can now rent a one- and a two-bedroom apartment for the price of a single hotel room through Airbnb. Here, they have more privacy and space to cook their food, do laundry, and still have access to nearby facilities and amenities.


The short-term rental market in Dubai offers an unparalleled level of flexibility and luxury. Visitors have a lavish living without compromising on the quality standards.

We are the best choice among the top property management companies in Dubai!


Considering leasing your home and looking for a hassle-free way of earning high returns out of short-term rental? The Smart Concierge is the perfect fit for you! The Smart Concierge team member will ask you questions so that we have a complete profile of you and your apartment. In addition we will advise so that you know what is best for your apartment.


We will organize a time to meet with you to view your property and understand your requirements.


With the acquired information, we get to work to prepare the ground, so that your property is ready to host guests as per Airbnb quality standards and in compliance with the DTCM.


We will work on getting some captivating photographs of your property to be used on the listing sites


We will create & optimise your listing for the web so it stands out from the rest and is booked more often!


Your property is ready to be rented. We are committed to ensure that your property at all times is in the best condition for the guests. At the end of each month you will receive a detailed performance report to ensure full visibility of financials. Now relax, you know your property is in best hands!


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